Sunday, July 22, 2018

Watching the Leaves Meditation

The Secret Meditator : Watching the Leaves Meditation 

The next Meditation in 'The Secret Meditator' series is a 'Watching the Leaves' Meditation. This involves a different technique to the technique used in the previous two meditations.

Remember the technique we use is not the meditation, the technique allows meditation to be observed when it naturally happens. Therefore many techniques can be used when we meditate.

All you need to do with this meditation is to find a tree and concentrate on the movement of the leaves as the wind blows. We can do this in a local park or perhaps we can see a tree from the window of our home. Just follow the movement  of the leaves. Whenever you are distracted by thoughts, emotions or sounds etc just notice you have been distracted and go back to following the leaves. No matter how many times you are distracted, go back to following the leaves.

I've recorded a guided meditation using this technique onto the website. This different approach to meditation may appeal to you. Give it go and I'd be interested in any comments.

Click Here to access website page for the guided meditation.

One of the keys to a good meditation practice

Managing or being aware of our expectations is one of the keys to getting the most from our meditation practice. 
Expectation works in many ways. We can have low and high expectations. We can have really high expectations to what meditation can offer especially if we have researched all the benefits of meditation on the internet or we have experienced feeling calm or peaceful during a meditation. Or we can have low expectations such as when we've tried to meditate and we don't think anything is really happening. Therefore, the next time we meditate we have a low expectation or even start to become disillusioned with the idea of meditation.

We can obviously have expectations which sit in between high and low as well.

Everyone has expectations. I'm no different from anyone else. No-one would be drawn to even try meditation if there wasn't an expectation that it would help in our lives in some way.

In knowing this we can simply accept that we will have expectations before we meditate. 

The important thing is how to we use and work with that expectation?

The most important thing to remember, once we have acknowledged that it is perfectly natural and normal to have expectations, is that once we actually begin to meditate we let go of any expectations. Whatever we have experienced previously in meditation has no relation to what we may experience this time or in the future. Allow yourself to be absorbed in what is happening moment to moment. See if you can treat each time you meditate as the first time. If it's like our first time, as with any first experience we have no idea what we may happen next.

Remain open and curious to whatever you are noticing and experiencing without making any judgements. There is no such thing as a good or bad meditation and whatever is experienced is exactly what you were might to experience. Stay with the technique of the meditation no matter how many times you are distracted by expectations or other things.

Simply stay with the technique and see what you notice about yourself. 

You can contact me via our website if you any questions or you can add a comment below.

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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Where have you tried to Meditate?

Can you meditate travelling on a bus or going for a walk?

In my first blog we explored the idea of meditating as we go about our day. Also, if we were a bit nervous or self-conscious about meditating; we looked at meditating without anyone knowing - "The Secret Meditator".

Before we go any further with the idea of meditating anytime, anyplace and anywhere it would be useful to have an understanding of what meditation is? 

What is Meditation?

There are many, many techniques we can follow to meditate for example observing the breath, reminding ourselves to Be Still or visualising light flowing through the body. The list goes on and on. What we discover, no matter which technique we follow, is that meditation naturally happens. As we focus on the technique we are not trying to control or manage the moment in anyway. We are in a non-resisting stance. We are simply putting our attention on the technique and discovering what happens when we do this. The more we do this, we find that there is a peace and calmness already here.

In fact, we have all experienced meditation before, such as when we've being reading our favourite book and we get totally engrossed in the words and then we suddenly look at the clock and an hour has flown by! We may have had the same experience when watching a really good movie.

All we are doing when we sit to meditate or when we follow a moving meditation is to really recognise what meditation is. More importantly, we can feel the benefits of meditation relatively quickly. This is good to know as most people would like to feel better about themselves in some way. 

The real sign that you are benefiting from meditation is not what we experience in a particular meditation, it is how you feel as you go about our lives. Are we feeling generally more peaceful and relaxed? Are we handling certain every day situations without feeling so stressed and anxious?   

Discover this for yourself

The important thing here is to discover this for yourself. Otherwise these are simply words on a blog. Really see if the above words about meditation resonate with you!

Have a go and see what happens. Go on a journey of discovery. If you are a bit nervous and self-conscious you don't have tell anyone. Be a Secret Meditator!

Drop or let go of any ideas and beliefs that we may have around meditation. See if we can be open and willing to see what happens when we try to meditate as we go for a walk or when we are travelling on a bus. I've added two free fifteen minute guided meditations to the website for anyone to listen to for these two situations. Just load the free meditation to your mobile device and listen. It'll look as if you are listening to music so no one needs to know.

The technique we use on these two meditations is to notice or follow the breath. Simple but very effective.

If you wish to try to sit to meditate there is a free sample "Follow the breathing" meditation as well.

If you found this blog interesting, see our peaceful experience website for what else we have to offer.

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