Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Playing with Beads Meditation

The Secret Meditator : Playing with Beads Meditation 

The next meditation in the Secret Meditator series of meditations is a "Playing with Beads Meditation". Any object we can hold can be used for this meditation as we are simply bringing our attention to focus on the feeling of the object we are touching. In the guided meditation I've uploaded to the website, I've used an example of a beaded bracelet as that is what I use from time to time.

I have always had a tendency to play or fidget with things with my hands such as car keys, TV remotes and indeed bracelets. Instead of resisting this natural inclination and trying to meditate staying still or observing things like the movement of leaves on a tree, we can work with this tendency and meditate. We can put our attention fully on the feeling of the bracelet in our hands. Feel each individual bead as we move the beads through our hands. We can do this as we sit or when we are walking. Next time you walk to the local shops just hold a bracelet in your hand and concentrate on the feeling. When ever you are distracted by anything, simply notice you have been distracted and remind yourself to focus on the beads again. 

Remember we can use many techniques to meditate. The technique we focus on allows meditation to be observed and noticed. 
This technique may not appeal to everyone but it will be beneficial to people who do find it a challenge to sit still to meditate. It also challenges the belief that we have to sit to meditate and hold a certain position. If we did have to sit still to meditate then this would hinder many people who find this difficult. Instead, we can embrace our natural way of being and move and hold beads in our hands to meditate as long as we bring our attention fully to this. I can sit to meditate most of the time but every now and then there's a pull to hold some beads and meditate in this way. 

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One of the most common experiences we have when we start to meditate is distraction. Even if we have being wanting to try meditation for a long time and we finally feel we've found the right Teacher. We will still experience distraction.

The ways in which we distract ourselves is pretty endless. Before we even try to meditate we can be distracted by Social Media or something interesting on TV or just something else we feel like doing like reading a book. Then when we finally meditate, our thoughts can go into overdrive or our next doors car alarm keeps going off or maybe we just can't quite get comfortable. Basically anything you can possibly imagine, we can get distracted by.

The most important to realise is that this happens to everyone who meditates. It is totally impersonal. Everyone who has ever meditated has experienced distraction. Give yourself a huge break and know and accept this. No judging, no self pity, no berating ourselves. The next step is to be kind with ourselves (as most of us are our own fiercest critic), and go back to whatever technique we are following. No matter how many times we are distracted go back to the technique we are following. Whether it's following the breath, allowing everything to be as it is or watching the leaves of a tree, simply go back and follow the technique. 

Keep with the technique and be open and curious about what you are noticing during meditation. 

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