Sunday, June 17, 2018

Introducing the Secret Meditator

You can meditate anytime, anywhere and any place!

The good thing to know is that anyone can meditate and the benefits can be experienced sooner than most people think. Also, if you are nervous or anxious about trying meditation that you can actual meditate without anyone knowing! You don't have worry about being judged by other people and just have a go. I remember when I first attempted to meditate on my own, I would tell my family that I was going to read a book in my bedroom and then I would try and meditate for ten minutes or so. I didn't want them to think I was going a bit weird!

Now, meditation is simply part of my life and it has helped in so many ways that I would recommend it to anyone to help with finding peace and calmness. 

Meditation is becoming more in the public eye these days and there is certainly a wealth of information on this subject if you search for this topic on the internet or on social media. There are still plenty of misconceptions out there which I believe hinders people to try meditation either on their own or going along to a class. There is so much information out there that it is difficult to know where to start and which meditation to try and follow.

Sitting to Meditate

One of the most popular images that most people have when we talk about meditation is the image of someone sitting cross legged and holding our fingers in a loop. If you are pulled to meditate that way that is fine but you don't have to.

You can meditate in any seated position which is comfortable, the main thing is to sit upright as we may fall asleep if we lie down to meditate. The most important thing is to be in a posture easy to maintain with as little as discomfort as possible.

Meditating anytime, anywhere and any place  


As well as not having to sit in a particular way to meditate we can also meditate whilst standing, moving and performing any ordinary daily tasks.That is why Yoga, Qi-gong and Tai Chi are popular as they are standing or moving meditations. These are ideal for certain people who find it a challenge to sit still to meditate. It is great to know you don't have to sit to meditate - for some people this is almost a form of torture!

This new blog is aimed at helping people getting over that initial nervousness or reservations about meditation and also to look at some of the beliefs we have around meditation itself. There will be free 15 minute guided meditations posted to the peaceful experience website under the heading of Secret Meditator. Use them on your mobile device to listen to.

You can be a secret meditator as you go about your day - no one needs to know you are meditating as you could be simply listening to music.

See link to website below:-

You don't have to put time aside to meditate, you can meditate whilst going for a walk, washing the dishes or doing the ironing. The benefits will be the same no matter which form of meditation you are drawn to.

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